How to update your web pages

In order to update your web pages you’ll need to make changes to the files on our web server.  The most common way of doing this is with FTP.  You’ll need an FTP program, the host name or IP address of our server which hosts your site, your username and your password.

FTP program:  There are many, both free and commercial.  We recommend Filezilla at or WinSCP at Both of these programs are free to use under the GNU General Public License, but if you find their software useful please make a reasonable donation on their web site.

Host Name: We recommend you simply use the domain name you’re trying to update.  For example, if your site is, then your host name is

Your username and password:  You should have received these when your account was created.  If you can’t remember them simply contact us for help.

In addition, all or our linux hosting platforms support more secure protocols such as SFTP, FTP, SCP.  Filezilla supports SFTP an FTP.  For SCP, which supports all three protocols, we recommend WinSCP for Windows clients.