How to update the nameservers for your domain name

The nameservers for your domain name dictate who hosts the DNS records for your domain name. Follow these instructions to update your nameservers for domain names that you have registered through

  1. From the site, click on Account Login and log in to your account
  2. Select ‘Domain Name Registration’ under the ‘Manage Services’ heading
  3. Click on ‘Domain Name Registration’ and ‘Domain Name Reg. (1 allowed – 1 used)’ to expand the menu options
  4. If this is the domain you would like to update the nameservers for, click on ‘Update’ (where ‘’ is your domain name that you would like to update)
  5. Click on the ‘Edit’ button in the ‘Nameservers’ section
  6. Enter the primary and secondary nameservers, and save your changes by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button

Your nameservers have now been updated!

How to register a new domain name

For more information on registering a domain, please contact ReachONE’s sales staff.

Grab your personal domain name before it's taken.

ReachONE can help you claim your piece of the web by registering your own domain name. Register your domain name and we will manage the renewal process, contact information (WHOIS), and name servers for you.

ReachONE Internet support staff can help you register a domain name, but you can also register the domain name yourself by following these easy steps:

  1. Click on the Account Login link on the site.
  2. Click on ‘Buy’ button under the ‘Buy a Bundle’ Domain Name Registration heading.
  3. Enter the name of the domain name exactly as you would like it to be, including the TLD (top level domain) you would like. (i.e. .com, .org, etc.).
  4. If the domain name you would like is available, select the domain name and choose how long you would like to register it for. If the domain you would like is not available you can choose a similar domain, or search for a different one.
  5. Log into your ReachONE account using your account login, or create a new customer account.
  6. Complete any fields that did not auto-populate, and verify that all the information is correct and up to date.
  7. Decide whether you want your domain to be locked or not. Locking a domain prevents requests to transfer the domain, as well as changes to nameserver information.
  8. Enter the nameservers that you would like your domain to point to.
    • ReachONE hosting customers that would like ReachONE Internet to host their DNS would enter for primary and for secondary.
    • If you would like to host your DNS records with a third party provider, enter their nameservers.
  9. Enter your credit card and billing information.
  10. Review your order making sure that all of the information is correct. Press Submit.
  11. Your domain is now registered!


How to perform a ping test and traceroute

Ping tests and traceroutes can be very helpful when troubleshooting a connectivity issue. Here is instructions on how to perform each:

How to perform a ping test

  1. Click on your start button and type cmd into the ‘Run’ or ‘Search for Programs and Files’ field
  2. This will launch the command prompt, as shown here:
  3. Type in the ping command, followed by the domain name or IP address you would like to ping. If you are able to ping a host by IP, but not by name, this typically indicates a DNS issue.


How to perform a traceroute

The tracert command works just like the ping command show above, but shows the “hops” along the way. To perform a traceroute, simply follow the directions above replacing the ping command with the tracert command.

What are ReachONE’s nameservers?

Nameservers are responsible for translating domain names to IP addresses. If ReachONE is hosting the DNS records for your domain name (typically we provide this service as part of a web hosting or email hosting package), you’ll need to point your domain name to our nameservers. If ReachONE registered your domain name for you this will already be taken care of, otherwise, this can be done by logging in to your registrar’s website (the provider that registered the domain name for you) and entering the following nameservers:


For DNS resolution, ReachoNE customers should use the following IP addresses:

If you have any questions about nameservers or DNS resolution, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.