Configure Actiontec GT701D DSL modem for RFC1483 Transparent Bridging mode

Sometimes you don’t want your Actiontec to be a router. Maybe you’ve got a shiny new firewall you’d rather use. No problem.

  1. Click on Manual Setup
  2. Click on Advanced Setup
  3. Click on Wan IP address (or WAN IP settings)
  4. Click on “Yes”
  5. Choose “RFC1483 Transparent Bridging”. All other options on this screen will be disabled as a result
    Actiontec RFC1483 Transparent Bridging

    Actiontec RFC1483 Transparent Bridging


  6. Click Next, then click Save and Restart to make all changes permanent.
  7. Remember to configure your PPPoE client (See below)

This makes your modem practically “invisible” but some device at your location will still need to log in with us. You’ll need to set up PPPoE authentication on your firewall or server or whatever you plug into the LAN port of your modem. You can still administer your modem through its default IP address.