Configure Actiontec GT701D or GT724WGR DSL modem for static IP block in unnumbered mode

If you’ve purchased a block of public static IP addresses then you may want to configure your modem for Unnumbered mode. Please note this is not the default configuration so if you’re not sure, please do contact ReachONE Internet technical support team to confirm.

  1. Click on Manual Setup
  2. Click on Advanced Setup
  3. Click on Wan IP address (or WAN IP settings)
  4. Click on “Yes”
  5. Choose “Block of static IP addresses (Unnumbered Mode)
  6. Enter the modem’s public IP Address and Subnet Mask in the “Gateway Address” and “Unnumbered Subnet Mask” text boxes. If you’re not sure what these should be please contact ReachONE Internet technical support team.
  7. Optionally uncheck the “VIP Mode” box Jump[1]
  8. Click Next, then click Save and Restart to make all changes permanent.
  9. Remember to reconfigure the IP addresses of your hosts as appropriate.

The Unnumbered Mode feature automatically configures the appropriate IP routing for the IP address block. The IP route will bypass NAT, enabling the public IPs to be routed WAN-to-LAN, as well as LAN-to-WAN.

[1]  VIP Mode This feature is used in conjunction with Unnumbered Mode. When VIP Mode is activated, the Gateway uses NAT for private IP addressing for the local area network (LAN), allowing both public IP addressing and private IP addressing to be configured to the LAN simultaneously, while the DHCP server is reserved for private IP addressing. All computers using public IP addresses with Unnumbered Mode must have the public IP addresses statically assigned.